Thursday, May 10, 2012

quoted by O'Connor (source: Bugental), plus recently found links germane

In my opinion the metaphysical reality is that the soul is one. But then there are psychological realities as well.

from J.F.T. Bugental, " The Seach for Authenticity, p. 216; cited in "Our Many Selves" by Elizabeth O'Connor

"Central to any conception or practice of psychotherapy is the question, what is a person? In this chapter I have advanced what seems to be a theoretically sound and clinically supported answer to this question. The question is difficult to deal with adequately because we have unquestioningly assumed the givenness of unity in the person, have assumed that a single entity was referred to by such words as 'person,' 'self,' 'I,' and 'me.' Naturalistic observation of ourselves and others, attention to what patients in psychotherapy say and do, soon challenges this presupposition, however. It becomes impressively evident that, although there is an experienced singleness in each of us, there is also an undeniable multiplicity. Thus we are confronted with the paradox of concurrent unity and plurality in the person.

As we study these phenomena, it becomes evident that one source of the apparent diversity is the person's inauthenticity, his flight from anxiety, responsibility, and guilt. By Self-fragmentation the patient seeks to resist that which he has come to feel cannot be borne.

Yet the resistance does not fully account for the multiple Selves we encounter in all people. Accordingly, I have inquired further into the nature of the Self-experience and have concluded that the very processes by which we learn to live in the world give rise to multiple Selves. Clinical evidence is mounting that for most of us the phenomenological reality is not a single Self but several Selves."

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Further, these negative emotions are so subtle that they easily attach themselves to the ego and justify themselves. Teaching about negative inner states and how to dis-identify from them as a way of dismantling your Enneagram compulsion has become a centerpiece of our professional training programs.

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