Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hiranya Barbara Stone. Spiritsong dot org.

"One eyed Zen" mentioned in "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones" is also fairly germane to these observations I cite below.

"When children are small and unable to defend themselves, abuse and/or neglect, in fact, any sort of unmanageable pain may be handled by creating a split in the personality. Multiple personality disorder is frequently the result of severe abuse during childhood. In this particular defense system, one or more aspects of the personality carry the knowledge of the pain and are not allowed into consciousness at the same time as the ego and other aspects. Thus the pain is not experienced most of the time. However, those aspects may erupt unexpectedly, so the individual's life functioning is compromised."
Hiranya Barbara Stone, EdD; from the Forgetting and Imagery segment of Book 2, Unit 8 at her site

"We have said that soul loss is the result of the splitting off and repression of some aspects of self that are not acceptable to others. This occurs in the process of personality, ego and role development during the preschool period of development, roughly ages two to five." Identification and Soul Loss

"Age five is a crucial year for personality development. Freud said that this is the time that the superego matures. We can call that the 'critic' because what it does is harrass us when we do not do what we 'should.' It is formed by the internalization of parental prohibitions, warnings, favorite sayings, criticisms and judgments of the child. Once they have been taken in this way, they become a part of the personality and continue the parental voices inside one's head. We all have this personality aspect and, for most of us, it tends to be rather punitive." Identification and Soul Loss

"Consider Chopra's model of the person (Figure II-2). Notice that he puts the soul at the highest level of unmanifest potentiality. It is part of the causal body and, as such, is the subject of experience: the one who has the experience. It is often said that the soul is that part of ourselves that is reincarnated which means that it is immortal. It also exists at higher levels than the mind or ego. This would suggest that ultimately it is unaffected by what the mind and ego do. If this is so, then the soul is inherently whole. And that would mean that our soul or parts of soul we may feel are missing are not truly lost but are merely forgotten or temporarily unavailable to our conscious mind. This is repression." Separation and False Self, Duality

Haven't checked out this source yet myself "Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self" by Sandra Ingerman

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