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literally drive you and Robin Williams

Why Life in America Can Literally Drive You...

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statement from psychosynthesis site, see 1st psykosyn link below in this post (these links don't accompany text directly below at said site)

"Wilber's conception of the levels is also supported by several theories of 

The world in a nutshell. Scroll down and start with the para beginning "It is true that etymological associations... Forget that sentence; go to the next.

The world in six nutshells (all 2014)

developmental psychology, including:
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development's_theory_of_cognitive_development

Kohlberg’s stages of moral development's_stages_of_moral_development

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs's_hierarchy_of_needs

Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development's_stages_of_psychosocial_development

Jane Loevinger’s stages of ego development's_stages_of_ego_development

super ego

Integral Psychosynthesis,  comparison of Wilber and Assagioli

"In spite of the narcissist’s aura of grandiosity and bubble of self-sufficiency, the narcissistic individual is extremely thin-skinned.  This individual constantly takes offense at the way people treat him/her (e.g., they don't treat him/her with enough respect and don't appreciate this individual enough) and frequently feels mistreated. "'t+treat+him%2Fher+with+enough+respect+and+don't+appreciate+this+individual+enough)+and+frequently+feels+mistreated.+&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=&as_occt=any&safe=images&as_filetype=&as_rights=&gws_rd=ssl's+aura&as_epq=thin-skinned+&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=&as_occt=any&safe=images&as_filetype=&as_rights=&gws_rd=ssl

'. . . . Since he is not psychotic and totally out of touch with reality, he is occasionally forced to recognize the presence of a benefactor. The emotional incursion of such an idea is warded off by demeaning the gift or the person who has given it. If a gift is unworthy he doesn’t have to feel gratitude. Not to say that he does not at times proffer thanks.'
quote from Trapped In The Mirror... by Dr. Elan Golomb

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"Once it was routine for many respected social critics such as Lewis Mumford and Erich Fromm to express concern about the impact of modern civilization on our mental health. But today the idea that the mental illness epidemic is also being caused by a peculiar rebellion against a dehumanizing society has been, for the most part, removed from the mainstream map. When a societal problem grows to become all encompassing, we often no longer even notice it."
"Why Life in America Can Literally Drive You Insane" Levine

"It's time to talk about our mental illnesses" 9/17/15

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I tried to begin this thing with an intro to overarching frames to which I sort of subscribe...ones that "march to a different drum" for sure. Actually, I have come round to many mainstream takes. But the way I marched round, or marched back, was different. Anyway, by now there are some of my general views (or one or two very focused quotes which for me have very general importance) that remain at the end with the beginning posts, though I keep trying to transfer key ones to the "top." I don't really know how yet to create an intro message that will stay at the top. So, some "general" things important to me may still be remaining at the "beginning" when you read this.

I am satisfied to start off [for those who think this is the beginning] referencing a John Heider interview. Heider had involvement with the 12 Step domain. Sorry the link at the end of this post only streams an excerpt of an interview. Heider mentions the "Higher Self" somewhere in the full interview.

In her 70s and 80s my mother liked to plug the feminine side of God. It was a real insight she had. Aspects of this viewpoint remain hard to grasp at times, though, for others of us who had the standard religious training. But now in my 60s (and in my 50s) I see (and saw) it too. Proceeding from this view of hers and, for instance, John Heider's breakdowns of "Tao Te Ching" simplify my own view on all of this: Feminine and masculine...yin and yang...came out of the Great Spirit, so it follows they were part of the Great Spirit to begin with.



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quoted by O'Connor (source: Bugental), plus recently found links germane

In my opinion the metaphysical reality is that the soul is one. But then there are psychological realities as well.

from J.F.T. Bugental, " The Seach for Authenticity, p. 216; cited in "Our Many Selves" by Elizabeth O'Connor

"Central to any conception or practice of psychotherapy is the question, what is a person? In this chapter I have advanced what seems to be a theoretically sound and clinically supported answer to this question. The question is difficult to deal with adequately because we have unquestioningly assumed the givenness of unity in the person, have assumed that a single entity was referred to by such words as 'person,' 'self,' 'I,' and 'me.' Naturalistic observation of ourselves and others, attention to what patients in psychotherapy say and do, soon challenges this presupposition, however. It becomes impressively evident that, although there is an experienced singleness in each of us, there is also an undeniable multiplicity. Thus we are confronted with the paradox of concurrent unity and plurality in the person.

As we study these phenomena, it becomes evident that one source of the apparent diversity is the person's inauthenticity, his flight from anxiety, responsibility, and guilt. By Self-fragmentation the patient seeks to resist that which he has come to feel cannot be borne.

Yet the resistance does not fully account for the multiple Selves we encounter in all people. Accordingly, I have inquired further into the nature of the Self-experience and have concluded that the very processes by which we learn to live in the world give rise to multiple Selves. Clinical evidence is mounting that for most of us the phenomenological reality is not a single Self but several Selves."

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my share re mom

night of the 4th Maurice Nicoll

Further, these negative emotions are so subtle that they easily attach themselves to the ego and justify themselves. Teaching about negative inner states and how to dis-identify from them as a way of dismantling your Enneagram compulsion has become a centerpiece of our professional training programs.

night of the fourth

w Keith Campbell

lazy, prove your love 21:50



3. Recent Reading Material...Return to Spirit, & more

disparate, complex subjs I might otherwise forget, including very ancient history & Velikovsky type stuff

unexplored: "Narcissism, Group Behavior, and Terrorism"

super ego

Dr Ewan Cameron cited in "The Shock Doctrine"

Quantum mind-body problem



3. music links, Return to Spirit, & other items to read

Velikovsky, etc


ptolemaic mayans venus epicycles apogee geocentric

The journey of Jagannath from India to Egypt: The Untold Saga of the Kushites
bibhu dev misra 

Wadi Rum

Interesting place.

Why trek it? Hunting ibex, medicinal herbs, or special fodder for their livestock.

Interesting legend at this url from which one has to conjecture myriad possibly real elements; I'm including quotes below.

"Zoologists tell us that the camel is not of Arab origin despite it's long connection with Arab life. They maintain that in earliest times, before its domestication the camel was unknown in Arabia. Its original habitat was America, where fossils of ancient camels are found, along with the camel's close brother, the Llama survived. (Hitti, Jurji, and Jabbur, History of the Arabs page 22)."

Earliest possible domestication North Africa according to this site.

Earliest known representation of the camel dates back to the Stone Age.
"...This is found in two carvings in a place called Kilwa in Jabal Tubayq on the eastern boarder of Jordan..."

[there's an error in this: 'killed who'] "...In the biblical story of Joseph (Genesis 37:25) tells us of the Ishmaelites who used camels to carry tragacanth gum, spices, balsam and myrrh to Egypt. Later in Judges 7:12 we read how Gideon killed who of the leaders of the Midianites, Amalekites and the other people of the east, who had innumerable camels. Gideon took the crescent shaped ornaments that were on the necks of the camels. (8:21). It also mentions that the camels of the easterners had collars on their necks. (8:26)

"The Bible also mentions camels in the account of the queen of Sheba, and in the book of Job, who had 3000 camels before his troubles and 6000 afterwards. (Job 1:3, 42:12). The Bible also mentions that the Reubenites and Gadites and the half tribe of Manassa plundered 50,000 camels from the Hagarites. (I Chronicles 5:18-21)..."


"Today, 120-520 million-year-old marine and terrestrial sandstone sediments cover the region of Petra and Wadi Rum, forming an impressive landscape of reddish brown rocky towers up to 1700 m high, perched on the old Precambrian (Arabian) basement surrounded by sandy valleys (Southern basement complex and Paleozoic Sandstone area)."

Topography of Plate Tectonics

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circumventing a den of gnosis peddlers (personal, ongoing searches)
see also Meacham's page on quantum stuff

Integral Psychosynthesis, a comparison of Wilber and Assagioli

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Some say the Great Spirit is not an individual being.

All the evidence to me seems to indicate the Great Spirit is an individual being. Those who maintain S/He is not IMO replace S/He with another concept...World Soul. But this World Soul consciousness I believe is not that from which we emanated, but it's better explained IMO by Carl Jung...his "collective unconscious." Only I'd for-sure include in this...non-human consciousnesses with bodies here on Earth. The World-Soul-As-Atman-Idea is represented in definition 3 here for example...

IMO it's not that Brahman's "Yin" side does her thing amidst the phenomena of limited dimensions we talk about in every day conversation ("4 dimensions" in the common parlance). IMO Brahman has a Yang side and a Yin side. "Nature" seems to me a panoply of consciousnesses. Jung's collective unconscious was similar, but included past experiences (and for the most part usually was/is referring to genetic memories germane to humans). As I noted above, the "World Soul"/Atman concept is also similar. 

Carl Jung's notion of the collective unconscious (what's really behind "World Soul") is IMO in some moments vastly more tied in with Nature than the Divine Mother. 

The panoply of consciousnesses I believe in (constituting the World Soul) is a matter of cumulative experiences in the present [and even human entities are limited in their comprehension of consciousnesses other than their own, yet we realize all of these are somehow linked]. It may be true that "Nature" is predominately a set of dimensions governed/created by Adyashakti/Kali...but when I think of "Kali," before and apart from Her creation (a form I prefer to name Divine Mother), she in such form, in my mind, is not an emanation from the masculine Brahman...She is instead half of Brahman.

Lebenswelt Whitehead process

Lebenswelt, Whitehead, process 12 Step

Higher Self, Superego, Assagioli

Joe Dispenza

Past Life Memory - A Key to Understanding the Self

"Not only is the literature on narcissism large, it is very muddling. As well as there being different developmental models, which complicates any discussion of narcissism, the confusion is further compounded because the word is used in different senses." Ronald Britton, Chap 10's+relationship+to+the+super-ego%22&source=bl&ots=pmpuwd1Su0&sig=EiNff1cFy16Xc5lCFm1pj_7fXYA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=lNGhT_PeCuma2gXDpojjCA&ved=0CEQQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=%22soul's%20relationship%20to%20the%20super-ego%22&f=false

Goswami's "Quantum Activist Workbook"

monads in "any of these wds"
monads in "all of these wds"

soul auras
mental body
monad monads

shadow ego soul panentheism
higher self
monad monads

super ego

 Goswami stresses that he is not arguing here for psychokinesis: the 'choice' is not made by our personal ego but by a single, universal subject – transcendent, unitive consciousness. He states that a measurement is complete only when 'a self-referential observation' has taken place, i.e. 'when the transcendent consciousness collapses the wave function by means of an immanent brain-mind looking on with awareness' (pp. 97, 99)."

super ego