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disparate, complex subjs I might otherwise forget, including very ancient history & Velikovsky type stuff

unexplored: "Narcissism, Group Behavior, and Terrorism"

super ego

Dr Ewan Cameron cited in "The Shock Doctrine"

Quantum mind-body problem



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Velikovsky, etc


ptolemaic mayans venus epicycles apogee geocentric

The journey of Jagannath from India to Egypt: The Untold Saga of the Kushites
bibhu dev misra 

Wadi Rum

Interesting place.

Why trek it? Hunting ibex, medicinal herbs, or special fodder for their livestock.

Interesting legend at this url from which one has to conjecture myriad possibly real elements; I'm including quotes below.

"Zoologists tell us that the camel is not of Arab origin despite it's long connection with Arab life. They maintain that in earliest times, before its domestication the camel was unknown in Arabia. Its original habitat was America, where fossils of ancient camels are found, along with the camel's close brother, the Llama survived. (Hitti, Jurji, and Jabbur, History of the Arabs page 22)."

Earliest possible domestication North Africa according to this site.

Earliest known representation of the camel dates back to the Stone Age.
"...This is found in two carvings in a place called Kilwa in Jabal Tubayq on the eastern boarder of Jordan..."

[there's an error in this: 'killed who'] "...In the biblical story of Joseph (Genesis 37:25) tells us of the Ishmaelites who used camels to carry tragacanth gum, spices, balsam and myrrh to Egypt. Later in Judges 7:12 we read how Gideon killed who of the leaders of the Midianites, Amalekites and the other people of the east, who had innumerable camels. Gideon took the crescent shaped ornaments that were on the necks of the camels. (8:21). It also mentions that the camels of the easterners had collars on their necks. (8:26)

"The Bible also mentions camels in the account of the queen of Sheba, and in the book of Job, who had 3000 camels before his troubles and 6000 afterwards. (Job 1:3, 42:12). The Bible also mentions that the Reubenites and Gadites and the half tribe of Manassa plundered 50,000 camels from the Hagarites. (I Chronicles 5:18-21)..."


"Today, 120-520 million-year-old marine and terrestrial sandstone sediments cover the region of Petra and Wadi Rum, forming an impressive landscape of reddish brown rocky towers up to 1700 m high, perched on the old Precambrian (Arabian) basement surrounded by sandy valleys (Southern basement complex and Paleozoic Sandstone area)."

Topography of Plate Tectonics

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