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Integral Psychosynthesis, a comparison of Wilber and Assagioli

Saturday, Oct 25, 2014

Some say the Great Spirit is not an individual being.

All the evidence to me seems to indicate the Great Spirit is an individual being. Those who maintain S/He is not IMO replace S/He with another concept...World Soul. But this World Soul consciousness I believe is not that from which we emanated, but it's better explained IMO by Carl Jung...his "collective unconscious." Only I'd for-sure include in this...non-human consciousnesses with bodies here on Earth. The World-Soul-As-Atman-Idea is represented in definition 3 here for example...

IMO it's not that Brahman's "Yin" side does her thing amidst the phenomena of limited dimensions we talk about in every day conversation ("4 dimensions" in the common parlance). IMO Brahman has a Yang side and a Yin side. "Nature" seems to me a panoply of consciousnesses. Jung's collective unconscious was similar, but included past experiences (and for the most part usually was/is referring to genetic memories germane to humans). As I noted above, the "World Soul"/Atman concept is also similar. 

Carl Jung's notion of the collective unconscious (what's really behind "World Soul") is IMO in some moments vastly more tied in with Nature than the Divine Mother. 

The panoply of consciousnesses I believe in (constituting the World Soul) is a matter of cumulative experiences in the present [and even human entities are limited in their comprehension of consciousnesses other than their own, yet we realize all of these are somehow linked]. It may be true that "Nature" is predominately a set of dimensions governed/created by Adyashakti/Kali...but when I think of "Kali," before and apart from Her creation (a form I prefer to name Divine Mother), she in such form, in my mind, is not an emanation from the masculine Brahman...She is instead half of Brahman.

Lebenswelt Whitehead process

Lebenswelt, Whitehead, process 12 Step

Higher Self, Superego, Assagioli

Joe Dispenza

Past Life Memory - A Key to Understanding the Self

"Not only is the literature on narcissism large, it is very muddling. As well as there being different developmental models, which complicates any discussion of narcissism, the confusion is further compounded because the word is used in different senses." Ronald Britton, Chap 10's+relationship+to+the+super-ego%22&source=bl&ots=pmpuwd1Su0&sig=EiNff1cFy16Xc5lCFm1pj_7fXYA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=lNGhT_PeCuma2gXDpojjCA&ved=0CEQQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=%22soul's%20relationship%20to%20the%20super-ego%22&f=false

Goswami's "Quantum Activist Workbook"

monads in "any of these wds"
monads in "all of these wds"

soul auras
mental body
monad monads

shadow ego soul panentheism
higher self
monad monads

super ego

 Goswami stresses that he is not arguing here for psychokinesis: the 'choice' is not made by our personal ego but by a single, universal subject – transcendent, unitive consciousness. He states that a measurement is complete only when 'a self-referential observation' has taken place, i.e. 'when the transcendent consciousness collapses the wave function by means of an immanent brain-mind looking on with awareness' (pp. 97, 99)."

super ego



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