Thursday, March 15, 2012

the shadow

from Maurice Nicoll, Psychological Commentaries, Vol 3; cited in "Our Many Selves" by Elizabeth O'Connor

"As soon as you think you are good at something and your pride and vanity enter this idea that you are good at something, you will always find that you are most sensitive here and most liable to become violent. In other words, you are being something. If you could see all the mistakes and blunders that you make yourself, if you could see your contradictions, if you could become conscious of your failures, in regard to what you think you are good at, you would no longer be sensitive or violent but tolerant and at the same time would have more understanding. Sometimes people cannot allow that they are not good at things because of a certain innner weakness in them. What is this inner weakness due to? It is due to this unacknowledged side, the dark side, which, as it were, contains, amongst other things, all that they are not willing to accept. You maybe good at a thing, but you must also acknowledge gradually, especially as you get older and need a wider consciousness, that you are not good at it at the same time and realize, in short, that you are not what you thought. Then you no longer identify in the way you did and you become simpler inside. This letting in of the other side, of the dark or not observed side, does not weaken you, but really strengthens you. Someone asked: 'Is it bad, the dark side?' You must understand that everything you do not acknowledge apppears at first sight bad. It is the devil because the devil is always what is unknown, unacknowledged or not understood."

see also Evil: the Shadow Side of Reality by John A. Sanford



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