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MOLLY IVINS "Though no one actually knows, they now suspect there is no serial killer, nor is this a matter of a copycat killer or two. What has happened is that an entire class of predatory men has realized it can get away with this.",4142330&hl=en

“ 'The impunity during the dirty war in the 1970s in Mexico set the conditions for today’s disappearances. If something had been done before, this would not be happening today.' These were the words of Yanett Bautista, member of the Foundation Nadia Erika Bautista from Colombia. She discussed how the families of the disappeared have driven the process of justice in Colombia. Families are the one searching for their relatives and presenting law initiatives to Congress."

"When CCA made its 2012 offer to 48 states to buy the state prison systems outright, that offer came with one important condition: the state would have to 'guarantee' a 90% occupancy rate." left in Alabama dot com (link below)

"Five Corporations You've Never Heard of Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration"
Truthout, 1/19/15

It seems the oligarchs, plutocrats, deficit hawks, and the infamous 47 are concerned not didley about predator entities & principalities rendering absolute chaos in Iraq, Colombia, Mexico, and increasingly in the U.S. It seems the last history they wanna review is how Zbigniew Brzezinski's logic convinced Carter to begin beefing up the mujahideen. Time to GET OUT. Blowback flying from the fan. Phyllis Bennis is right. Check out what the Shiite militias do when the U.S. goes in to help, first comment.

old trains in Kane

Weisbrot, collapse of centr left

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