Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heider, Integral/enneagram (benjamindavidsteele), immaterial memory, Michael Prescott, bmeachum (Tao Whitehead)

Living in process

Tao Te Ching Ontology

NOTE: THE TEXT BELOW WILL BE REMOVED FORWITH; it's only here for reading purposes due to  broken page Google on my pc (nor will this Divine Life Society link link from this blog...first case of such). Also note, I am looking for parts of this viewpoint that might be valid according to my own pov, and do not endorse the entire thing.

Studies In Comparative Philosophy

by Swami Krishnananda

see When Society and Creative


Tao Whitehead

Michael Prescot's blog "Calling All Minions"

The easiest course of action would be to jettison one set of reports and concentrate exclusively on the other. But I think there is pretty good evidence for both, although the first set has been more extensively investigated, and the second set is weakened by the inherent problems of hypnosis (e.g., hypnotized subjects may confabulate or may be influenced by the hypnotist).

immaterial memory

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