Sunday, June 10, 2012

music (most of this duplicated in post #1)

far out Apache medley, Walk Don't Run, Bonanza IIRC. by Robby

lover of the bayou

devil makes 3, poison trees, at the Social in Orlando 

Tinariwen & Kiran Ahluwalia Mustt Mustt

Tinariwen  - Live at Womad

Speed of Sound



Guitar Town

Telephone Road

I Fought the Law

second Fought the Law viewed



suburban wars, cover Polly Moore

how the light


867 more detail

867 left hand

I ain't ever satisfied

rain came down

rain came down


jm & pdl 47 min

pdl & adm 33 min

all 3 june 2012 1:47

good king

goood king, classical guitar

I miss you

secret garden

secret garden, electric

Calballero Pics at Exhibition 
Sosa Y Milanes

border reiver cover

boom, like that

postcards from Paraguay

Oblivion by Piazzola, rendition with electric guitar

Piazolla Etude No. 1 with mural

Piazolla Tango Suite No. 1 with 2 guitars

di Meola, 2 by Piazzola



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