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Sat. 6/13/15

my request re prisoner programs/recedivism segment is under this

"Ex-Cons Face Tougher Job Market in Great Recession"

more troops insanity

low wages unemployment lead to violence

higher self

tpp backlash, pub citizen, human rights watch

hudson on ukraine

W.A.L.L. = whoops, almost lost ink (self initiated contacts)

self initiated contact

The Real Baltimore

Wed  5/27/15

"The condensation of all the separated scandals is the paroxysm of a process that begins with mimetic desire and its rivalries. These rivalries as they multiply, create a mimetic crisis, the war of ALL AGAINST ALL. The resulting violence of all against all would annihilate the community if it were not transformed, in the end, into a war of ALL AGAINST ONE, thanks to which the unity of the community is reestablished." René Girard

You can see what I searched in this link; it's in yellow.

Monday 4/20

3. Strange Dream Content Is Accepted Without Question
The odd events and content that occur in dreams are typically accepted without question by the dreaming mind. According to Hobson, the unquestioning acceptance of dream content is due to the strength of our internally generated emotions and perceptions ("Dreaming," 5). Within the dream, these strange and illogical events, perceptions and objects are not seen as being out of place. If the dream is remembered upon waking, the content of the dream is seen as odd or even difficult to explain.



4/17 Friday

begotten in many worlds



Molly Ivins and murders

children abused Colombia

Moyers war on drugs April

Gila on cactus

Cacti and creosote bush growing together in close proximity

pungo ferry rd bridge

Mill Landing Road

Mill Landing 2

I was thinking about q entanglement with respect to someone I know that's gone on. I do believe I have a connection with her, but it's a little sobering to ponder the fact that I have so few concepts to describe it...concepts seem lacking, though clear memory is profound. The memories are of WHO she was; I suppose the trauma of losing blocks access to memory. But then I ponder how much I blocked it while she was with us...blocked realization of the value, that is. Folks assure me that I didn't, but each of us can sometimes can do decent inventories of our own sojourns I guess...and probably should. That concept of "who," afaics, puts me in the qualified non-dualist camp, as the view that individuals are shuffled decks of the experiences of many homo saps doesn't sit quite right with me [I'm prone to also use the word samskaras for "experiences"...plural I guess of samskara...which I encountered somewhere used in that sense...wish I knew where.

Customers and workers should have input regarding sound environments of retail outlets. Owners should provide a wide choice of genres, though be allowed restrictions they deem suitable. Customers and workers should also be allowed to vote on no-music for given periods.

Repetitive playlists are mind-numbing, sterotyping in nature, annoying, overbearing in terms of setting the mood-to-buy...I could go on.

"Why Are Government Subsidies Forcing GMO Baby Formula on Low Income Mothers?"

subsidies of pharms

pay for itself in oil revenues




parenti honduras



not a Whippet


Fri Dec 12

Post at Cornel W's page: People expected change, and it's the radicalness of some aspects of what's gone down in the country during Obama's yrs that I think very few expected. Some say it's not totalitarianism but "inverted totalitarianism" [control is not central in gov; we've got an oligarchy of corporations]. This business of moving Iraq gear into little towns and colleges all over the country is definitely WEIRD. What does it tell us? Yes, jobs, money and manufacturing are thin, but if you start to demonstrate about it we're gonna haul you off? Yes well, with the hard scrabble out there and the steroids and meth floating around, some may get a little wiggy...but if they do we may just shoot them? Many may agree that it's inverted totalitarianism, but what strikes me is that a paradigm is setting itself up which talks, walks and qwacks a bit nazi...IOW central to the prevailing ideology is the requirement for a scapegoat. The deal is we're all pitted against one another in this Wall St/MIC friendly economy as if we're on some reality show. If the ideology kept on, one might expect it to start harassing citizens for ANY and ALL deviations from the norm...politics, skin color, or what have you. René Girard has written about this scapegoat thing. BTW, my stream of this share stops over and over for buffering. Disappointing to learn it's only 6 min.

Thanks, Laura Flanders. What Chomsky said about our movements being kind of on separate planets (ISMW) is true also in reagard to how so-called "analysis" in media doesn't really join issues. So, the title of (and the discussion in) this share is IMO definitely going in the right direction.

Cogs in the machine. At this particular point in time there's a relatively good amount of light on a few cogs, especially one that's exposed itself in Mexico. At 19:01 in this interview Chomsky goes into the drug war. On our end of the thing (the war), some of the devolved flip-flops Mexicans have come to know aren't quite so enmeshment for example. Found these links this morning which sort of document things I had more less got wind of generally.

"Mexico’s drug wars: made in USA"

"A Failed State: Drug-Related Gang Violence Tearing Apart Honduras" 2013

All the points made in this Noam Chomsky interview were valuable, but I will return to a statement on my mind re concepts helpful to me.

The scapegoat & meritocracy...simpler concepts the future will realize could have better explained things than the hodge podge bandied about by media's "commentary" in December 2014.

When there's too much competition (hostility), societies need scapegoats. Like the Nazis. As per René Girard. Media's pretty slack in picking up the common thread in all these phenomena.

"LAURA CARLSEN: Well, the main point, at this point, that President Obama and President Peña Nieto—John mentioned the problem that he seems to have been more dedicated, by far, to damage control than to ever resolving the problem here in Mexico, and there’s a reason for that. The main thing that both of them are concerned with is foreign investment. Mexico, with the reforms under Peña Nieto, that the Ayotzinapa students were very active in protesting, by the way, which is a big part of why they’ve been targeted, as well, is now betting the entire country on foreign investment, especially in the newly opened oil and gas area."

facebook Noam Chomsky on Syria, China, Capitalism, and Ferguson

"A Failed State: Drug-Related Gang Violence Tearing Apart Honduras" 2013

Well, we know also that too many students that opposed fracking in that lightly shaded area called Mexico have been at least kidnapped or murdered. Of course, when it comes to Mexico we don't need to send instructions along with the guns.

"The main thing that both of them [presidents] are concerned with is foreign investment. Mexico, with the reforms under Peña Nieto, that the Ayotzinapa students were very active in protesting, by the way, which is a big part of why they’ve been targeted, as well, is now betting the entire country on foreign investment, especially in the newly opened oil and gas area." Laura Carlsen speaking on Democracy Now!

Wed Dec 10, turn turn turn youtubes Roger

Mon, Dec 9

BILL MOYERS: You say that casino capitalist, zombie politics views competition as a form of social combat, celebrates war as an extension of politics and legitimates a ruthless social Darwinism.

HENRY GIROUX: Oh, I mean, it is truly ruthless. I mean, imagine yourself on a reality TV program called “The Survivor”, you and I, we're all that's left. The ideology that drives that program is only one of us is going to win. I don't have any respect for you. I mean, all I'm trying to do is beat you. I just want to be the one that's left. I want to win the big prize.

Friday, Dec 6th's material...

Charles Bowden 9/1/14 "Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields"

"The regional economic integration of Mexico, the United States and Canada is not so much the integration of three nations and economies, as a plan corresponding to the interests of the super-power in guaranteeing access to resources for the transnational private sector...The FTA created new conditions for investment in the country, even though the name emphasizes trade. With these new highly favorable conditions, the transnationals have bought huge tracts of land in Mexico, have taken control of entire production processes, and with the latest expansion in extractive industries, especially mining and petroleum, have gained land-use concessions throughout the country."

"The 'disimagination machine' is both a set of cultural apparatuses extending from schools and mainstream media to an idiotic celebrity culture and advertising apparatus that functions primarily to undermine the ability of individuals to think critically, imagine the unimaginable, and engage in thoughtful and critical dialogue. Put simply, to become critically informed citizens of the world." HENRY A. GIROUX

S island

Nov 25, 2014 Tues

Links to save from 9/11/14 

nader gaza

"Fortunately for the Israelis, the rockets failed to reach any population centers 99 percent of the time. It was a mystery even to the Israelis why the unchallenged Israeli air force and ground artillery did not knock out the primitive Gaza launching sites, given its spies, informants and knowledge of every block in Gaza." Ralph Nader

Removed from facebook 9/10 Thur


1535 Rami Khouri

2440 Cohen

yambo yambo


All Real News Economics

No Clinton Dynasty




medly apache


Mics., Weekly Econ talks

Erich Fromm Revisited: The Tension between Religious Humanism and Religious Pathology

group conflict, Girard


non-related essential links (for access near the "top")

driver updates

making Google home page


LA Guitarists Festival Tommy Emmanuel

Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy with Fr. Richard Rohr

Revolt of the Elites (LASCH)

CIAlliance picture

sultans TE

turn turn turn, just mcguinn

Byrds, way back, with dancers

Byrds, bells

Petty McGuinn

To post 1, the big accessor


sultans c Emmanuel, Gonzalez, & someone else

 "Guitar T___" by Steve Earle

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"President Barack Obama promoted the idea of the public option while running for election in 2008. Following his election, Obama downplayed..."

"While the United States House of Representatives passed a public option in their version of the bill, the public option was voted down in the Senate Finance Committee and the public option was never included in the final Senate bill..."

10/3 Vijay Prashad: If the West is serious about tackling ISIS it must lessen the chaos within Syria and seek a political solution

9/24 Patrick Cockburn interview. Without a Truce in Syrian Civil War, U.S.-Led Strikes Threaten More Chaos for World’s Worst Crisis

10/16 Phyllis Bennis "U.S. Will Fail In Attempt to Create Proxy Army in Syria"

10/9 Iraqi Journalist Who Embedded with Shia Militias on Fighting ISIS & Why US Strategy is Bound to Fail


I'm not a Marxist, but it does seem the great taboo amongst the non-BRICers seems to be improving the lot of common folk (yeah, BRICS members have their cronyism too). Don't mean to over simplify, but what really at root is preventing what Ghaith Abdul-Ahad is suggesting here?

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad: "You can, you know, march the planes into the air, bomb the cities of Fallujah, Ramadi, and I can assure you, you will come back in the next two, three, four, five years, and you will bomb us again. I was bombed the first time when I was six years old by the Iranians, and I was bombed by the Americans again and again. This is the same cycle—I mean, unless you have a grand solution, a redistribution of wealth, a social solution, a solution that shows the Sunnis of Iraq, you know, this is—you’re part of this entity; you like it, you don’t like it, [but] <i>you’re part of it.</i> Otherwise, we will continue this cycle".........."Well, you know, Haider’s been making all the right noises. You know, he disbanded all these authoritarian practices of Maliki. He’s disbanding the supreme military command post that he was holding, that Maliki was holding. So he’s doing all the right noises. But the problem in Iraq—and Patrick knows this probably more than I do—is it’s not a problem of one person. It’s not Abadi versus Maliki. The whole institution, the whole system, is so rotten to the core. <b>Every single soldier is appointed after paying a bribe. Every military officer is appointed after paying a bribe. And the bribes are still being paid.</b> So the system of Iraq is a rotten system based on corruption."

10/3 Vijay Prashad: If the West is serious about tackling ISIS it must lessen the chaos within Syria and seek a political solution

9/24 Patrick Cockburn interview. Without a Truce in Syrian Civil War, U.S.-Led Strikes Threaten More Chaos for World’s Worst Crisis

10/16 Phyllis Bennis "U.S. Will Fail In Attempt to Create Proxy Army in Syria"

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