Monday, June 2, 2014

- 4 "tangled hierarchy" & praying to saints



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Rohr...enneagrams mentioned? Long.  2011.

biggest black holes


Memories, Dreams, Reflections in Espanol

bryce canyon

"It may be time for a new populist movement, one that demands that the power to issue money be returned to the government and the people it represents; and that the Federal Reserve be made a public utility, owned by the people and serving them."

Chris Hedges "Strategy for Radical Change

Quantum Entanglement, praying to saints 

Michael Prescot's blog "Calling All Minions"

The easiest course of action would be to jettison one set of reports and concentrate exclusively on the other. But I think there is pretty good evidence for both, although the first set has been more extensively investigated, and the second set is weakened by the inherent problems of hypnosis (e.g., hypnotized subjects may confabulate or may be influenced by the hypnotist).

"My goodness me, now you are asking. I only came across Hofstadter today but I'm certainly going to read up some more on his thinking. It does seem to be based on science though, in particular tangled hierarchy consciousness otherwise known as Strange Loops.

"How he gets there I don't yet fully understand but his conclusion seems to be that our individual consciousness is not exclusive to us, and that bits of our consciousness also reside in the brains of others whom we know. Conversely, bits of their consciousness reside in our own brain, perhaps as influences* on our thinking (*my interpretation). If we extend this concept to the current thread, I suppose you could argue that we live on through the minds of others whom we know."




medly apache


Mics., Weekly Econ talks

Erich Fromm Revisited: The Tension between Religious Humanism and Religious Pathology

group conflict, Girard

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