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René Girard

9/1 "Syria’s civil war is the most dangerous and destructive crisis on the planet. Since early 2011, hundreds of thousands have died; around ten million Syrians have been displaced; Europe has been convulsed with Islamic State (ISIS) terror and the political fallout of refugees; and the United States and its NATO allies have more than once come perilously close to direct confrontation with Russia."

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8/31 "A New McCarthyism: Greenwald on Clinton Camp's Attempts to Link Trump, Stein & WikiLeaks to Russia"

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To me it's all like a story from history that didn't happen (supposedly
something else happened). Imagine yourself a Persian under Xerxes on
the west side of the Bosphorous in retreat. Imagine the storm had only
given the boat bridge moderate wear and tear. [not to say I "favor"
either side]

Each boat is like an ACA, like the Iran deal negotiations, like voting Democratic to head off Trump, like standing on the EU for support for a few historical moments. Each boat could be likened to a political position.

Each boat is like our 27 Amendments (save the un-pragmatic 18th).

If you want to ignore the whole ball of wax and embrace anarchism...well, that's one option (same deal with embracing Trump). Not to say anarchists have always stood aloof and had no impact. Maybe it would be different if they got into print more [or maybe the print was there but I was too busy working or reading metaphysics and LeCarre]; but right now I only see Chomsky impacting anything (huge impact nevertheless). Or you could become a Libertarian, and simply advocate obviating ALL dilemmas by abolishing taxes.

According to the politically correct, if you spend time praying you're diluting your impact. That's fine. If my motivation most of the time is committing random acts of kindness and some of the time defending one or another pragmatic place to stand politically...I'll admit the former is sort of anarchistic in terms of the four dimensional domain.

In terms of the two, those who want warnings every time one turns around are the PC or victim-obsessed division. I suppose we have to be careful (if we're opposed to the excess) that we're not drawn into violent argumentation with these folks, for then we move ourselves into the "other" group. I couldn't believe how stark Girard's words were on the opposing group, but I agreed with his association. He forthrightly identified them with "Nazi" type phenomena. Not that everyone in synch with said group realizes there's a connection. Without a doubt, these are [just to mention one characteristic] the free trade "optimists" he mentions in conversation 5. True, these are broad categories, but Girard didn't shrink from tying them into political/trade orientations. If you were sitting there listening you might not right away realize what he had intimated...because undoubtedly he varied his terms (they always fit however by some means). To me it's amazing how anyone in a second language can be this subtle.

The division is borne out in Congress for instance with obstructionism (gridlock), the likes of which we've never seen. The House controlled by globalist "optimists." For me (and I'm just saying for me)...I view the Senate has having been just within the border of the "optimist" grouping, probably moving a few inches closer to the exact border line at the moment. But they're still full on "optimists" when it comes to establishing footholds hither & thither militarily...Ukraine and Africa [competing with China in Africa] for example. A lot of the motive being resource access. Nothin'll go wrong of course (optimisitc).

Our Executive branch under Obama has tried not to be in the heart of the excess-optimist group. My understanding is Obama has worked hard to get much more review of prospective interventions than, say, the prior-to-Sanders Clinton would have (as prez). Of course, we realize there are all kinds of Democrats in Congress who would go with the Clinton approach.  Categorization under Girard's divisions becomes difficult, though, because we also know both Executive and Legislative do entertain, in some cases, unbalanced concern with and promotion of one group ("victimized") at everyone else's huge expense. I don't think for the most part they do so out of any instense or unusual concern for the victims. I think an acceleration of bureaucracy over time and pork payoffs on the side are the main factors. This "victim" over-compensation, though, IMO is rare in Congress [save corporate  welfare, but the "logic" there is not breathed out loud in ANY manner whatsoever--it's not even supposed to exist according to its backers].

Yes, Congress is a good example of the two totalitiarianisms coming to blows, but that's only because its right wing members are VERY right wing. If OTOH one were to look at identity politics groups outside Congress versus Tea Party Republicans in Congress...then you'd probably have in some intances a classic example of Girard's two categories squaring off. I know there are some here who DO view the Senate as controlled by whiners. I don't. Admittedly, some extreme over blown "concern" is in evidence there, actually in both parties...and in the House. The excess in "helping" the disadvantaged, say, in the case of H1B visas. It's sort of a veneer average people are allowed to believe in, or allowed to assume exists...that testifies to the good will of those who have constructed and/or acquiesced to the policy.

"First of all , what is the H1B program?

Ralph Nader: It’s a national program that would allow 60 to 80,000 people abroad who have special skills that are needed and not met in the United States to immigrate and work in the United States. It’s being pushed by the hyper-profitable Silicon Valley companies like Cisco, Intel, Google, Facebook, because they said that they don’t get enough skilled software code writers, et cetera which is really not the real reason. The real reason is they wanted the best talent from abroad that they can pay the lowest wages to. And H1B imported workers constitute a brain drain on these developing countries, like India, Egypt and elsewhere and harm these countries. Now, the Silicon Valley companies want the number to be brought in over 200,000 a year. And fortunately, there’s been some resistance to that from both the labor unions and from the White House. But it’s very typical that people like Tom Friedman columnist for the Washington Post they go around the world telling people to 'Enter the new software economy.'..."[tn]=*NK&ft[type]=104&ft[qid]=6297508739787787945&ft[mf_story_key]=7993565341556534995&ft[ei]=AI%409ab01a697d60d6f624362fb5c3a3634a&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=1&__md__=1 


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on facebook My Medicare Matters[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6268602463141250875&ft[mf_story_key]=6361300415463787937&ft[ei]=AQKpXekNX9WqHrJRUnFfx_BYVyEVpCVxHz0Y3N4-b4nFDSmMBLLMkMg0RsizyAypT-975-im39pCnbkOjipDtvwaW0DkSYcqih4OPiU-aGa75RlNFEoC5CKPzZCvUlFvOmwWsvr-Xl5qPGI_cdf5loAnhsQA0BOzrT4Lm64lwrNZkHiFc9cyQzyhEdjRNdIgqdTel3gCS_mq0LEJjkoxvNdLahz8-bk431ZeReIyhcR5L6ZgYvrlh_WXyvobY3oQhL_f4g3JWsLWQdBiLafQmnO2pdWuazqwHoFOmyN90zZp-aT5N1STzHspdIFW0m-hQhyV0jqwbEPjP315NnfiRFEC3Kz0gU8a9P8EJXeU8PcNR8w4ldNtM_hQHoQbwSUAbcgZokjosr7LYDxUksBAjcSTg4d4742WptGwX8I6OWjagYEAmO4FtbfO4GIduEe0qUR_wd_mD3JkKJCNFeuO2tteZIrpcEDNNpv1P8rdorJPkDWGe383KN48mMqKp2zxd3nC3WGXGkPSCUseuAe5tA47OCShuPbKi5vWPrv0dE-1ZPrB75K2FhnyARQmaQqLRz0gYnULwGQnmx6VXB1LcTB-9GHkdTxHa6NRxOwOkwCQFU_CNRWXjuIQcjveQIFNz040Th-grTqNTonTbyf8JgJb6wE9zyKxlYHMk0YpnSJNQQwvgCCrUZYWfnCS6jfCxnu-5giEtZyZQTY8SW3Fve5kbZ456lwdV2MeRZ0T684TNcYYvQHuR-_rxaMYlJSQOVx5qeN8Gl0DyIT9AnnoIdE8VgRamETDJxU7XjqGhzAs0gHi7qZfdkiDmu1H2DCHJppLLy_bWVkU66ENUJvzsB-fGpaqVDrwQOSLmNd_BWYU7mpRaXkOQgQoXPJrKIMw7ad-mYDzn-h4PtSv-phG0DrwEisFOedVaGI7puzfuzz_ucfichls4HbdifB6X6ac94BXwakfi-ExGlPjcEk_iQDWch-Vd90QLZ9BSmlxgcB_4eQqwPU5b0RQS10tUCWiYAYjgTHwxAahyqnbh7cZSe2W8HSKOhseMIdgxHg5REF2Jvw-8VZ6B8hPB1TSYqYyvLpbmMzUdU8j9Jlsys4c_RFLJh6t7YZta1uWnsPsRklsD8TDcS5wXQHuZyb6d70BlWAJSDf3DvpkkLjCedo02QiXyFFVzmEmvdHg2qzEa0VQWJdeiJTz-u7zv0VSuIyYgldIecW1b6VwCUbbWlb63jcWLNqz2KOvpzvS_4-th_Wp0zaIItUg0VnpoDkH1rcznN1CC4jVxjvMTHzF8UJz2h1YpD93qt3bqlaOyNFtKs1unjCWUjWG8uHq00NqYnv9HE0T0P_BnO4fpqINCwswcUE1SS6dIGR-5yXcwqScq-3ctvHHsGpScM3JwdbkLhjXrlmNHMMdF84flDYQvs1qvAzHhoYPO5HL4iZJg-t8vC92awcx0W76l1Zpcc_CM1soPq2QSSdGXO4g-QxQBvmQsIiglQBkxE7WUljKIgA2klRsprwuIQpiJRCEp4KXZk_t4Er-IYWrPu2KTyQKdaGfako76HRiABk6esv9kjVVfLtSl2Cjqlkf-r4YvLJdXGRFYF8vVB1ZmpEJi-aj15FiCNu6CVM_p4KukVEjdayhOpMv84r4ufBY6ZrCIWXDP6j4Q5IGTzN2s7MfvNh0q_F3Aucoo3Yafl-iz6Kh2MRNOfEqXM9w47xb4xNQtiiMg7omrP3668j9ouaZpB-7PnHwhUodFpJF1jOeGw0DXBX7ACN0WjFTHJ2XzxeeRdHqv5aVJAJXmsggNfkTH0P5RelIBLfK3W7n0soDeITzUVkMqRXe9VCRQIlYosOye1y9Kl8ylkPATft7_4xh7jEGBfuQYcAbVDV1QhL9A6ugMti_U7DcYRoTGB602VLqGZhVRouPMNL8KaQaPjAT6Esm-OrrX3sKbWjkUoEgQHU442Fc8bbiiLsnHgXxOXBz6z812aP3tX3u4_pvhk506rktH7I8LzXCNc3lt0STzXu1E10pPlCLm9cg43dqkvd8d5WfoNjg5J1b2mra3wTFx8sMjrcatKRl-NK_NQLSbndyyPI0osXPuNQAeGE0flsLGQ59uvrYRkmnqsucY5IebhjYqmSAB8zN5cCyZUagG5RCQcoRFTZV6Qm0N0-wFoITgx2sv1-mqwmzIAq8YoSmHJ7U4Hc09ZK8PPP0NPGR_3zWca0OWfl7jDsE0V_pcdqq79ssxkUwSAxV5wtK2WTEdA6dWtnFOMGO2WW9g2gwx9POIK7CJAxgFbv_VWbtZdnEH5v2ptmT5V8fHbH4uQHLX5zsL80G7w8BhxqfGawgxdkQoAm5aiURL85YewAcaFrBiT_p7ASF0syZ_repfZiE6O2YJ5g4UeFQ6C1MRQVgQZxcIVcbZ_HP2VaAoSwfwiKciznWhuFzBolZvvjzqEY1NhDuec6q6ygciv8oGQtI48yIBTXlyvSc1oVfccAWcWYGIVjraYGJs3pDMyKvJVCxKFgo8nB1vB6i1x6GoeJz-l4c1QqhlAbalV-0S-JYzyTPPWJoAFsfp8whiF7DvBVFSTDCdPz2DfzQX1TJ6tktc8kqvG_8lLwnA2Hi4GPrWIkavIqpHBhWMYaQrv6ldpb3D_MvK9decDfsMpVH38BY6T_gsxmTSZsVuPdipYlw8Dt1kDx0NlyHB2ju3lUb_gxF6re5m4b-P5zLUQMaC_wz44LNQwebLRdUeNqPniZKcsjczMXlYXAMvc_8Nv09Mb9a1IhESSIb7LUa0j8sCcjrjN0l2XTIKGfyJpvtm6gZgUi3wHIc59N4BarHEVTC7P-RpZaHHLkcbducLJV52SRV4SON4adNkBkYhIFUPBGVS0772CcqoBgApBl5UBS9UZzIpepRtF-5RBxlqxrON1QaneORUtwFKSqgxkGD0JfzXKLVknAsOgmy-K5CZsncK63WJy2XxCSN4xH2dZcMIBXI13jBWT9rkbmwOwuOH5HBoj5tBXKjthSB3JGmzR1kYjyPnnm04iUunS7irwN2kbYcxue4r6xeN4ZI_6et_lgHeEis4phPFEx6h0sLrXrEYbv2Qemw9jC9H0jwjuBT3pEltW6rgmsU26zIuJWlIDaElqiZDRQBJJCxZe1UDW-snx8r0k2xAxjC1PinM9bnEz7eQlbLEVUOy0zYdpC5lyYwh40ei3lHt_9REQpkCj9JmmvkVezKZqWZpfvE2vNPBHXKKXOX84hNbtyeohydm40aT8THKF95eZbS-IspF09Ew7v6ZQT-kDds2adIarCgmJ4Bx_7NnoinelqL-8b0mU5rUokxBQHhaBZUz9KILngayKezanemCA4SZD38fRoHj8BNqhc-YRX42KMPeJqUuN7T7UOqwie2f80AXlre3aAuytRik9Dh5Mez9eIZv1qJSkgnx_3XYGxqPMKPXIBtyv7gciaMZ7z3JuFIV7TrSAUvXpTAkZBYMmheSzkpNSLKkDdu9dhFA-fOUtHB3pj31_WuR_JM_Biep-CdLbuk2T1mOHIdB8fmnboHxSwaYd80v_I_bXYYj93j76Kt__GkvMthN_o3qmXEn68SABMo0otLGXVbWYMQsiJpAMVKZBa01XtPvZfYKqWA2B6pwkf1ecqamoUAvi87H78AdiAXgR8DIilPMsO7zkJ-t3Ftziq_njFlG_YC7NPxPpDs-uCz419gECD4lMH8YRQdR3HK_zUrbZiqA8p_TTVIkDDVNVxvhdVESbk12WNOL4-6_ZEYig9NWn_3mDy0PV4pppF3D5gNUtVkPodrJ2voqueyE2GuIEKGIT4L99yhupmYJ2cHTHehLzxRRi9wquGG6NvoNEKa-hSTYbjLkJ2Q4w5jyApKK1fFdv9SPRm3yLXytynWFRMB2a6Bg3lQ4zhScxdQAkONnoFdE7abe19TOIhZXzYFq56B2CZ2wyBvl89D-bkZ6wW2bJSPwXGug6NguWyKYIB7ovOgp4G01wpWYtB248ua1r-FhnwvxPAE6yKZyd0-C2bCjUVntEOFkKAAGmvsGyShtARwT0_absqzCOSpsDahdrQMlWNy7u3xtEn4I71O1-utd89pldfvObgP2K_Jl2TWDZcD2zPVvdnPV_yRAv1pelUDv2CoNeCRbntkNUYhZYyIxWHuiL_RWYQ3WzyquQCisxla2a_kVkXoVAHovijtfbblx3QrSj7v4B_EaSMHjE71damxzYeyNerhvGQbha4iOsuDPAUc4K9Giy6qbG8tMGpQypjopgIobLoakSM9_5BJoLfMR-eBPr-V8Dw&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=1&__md__=1


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Girard, first in CBC series

Girard series 

4/3 Sunday after night shift

35:31 on 5th in series or 4th ?

12:00 on 5th in series

Girard, first in CBC series



When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes
When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth
Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall
In the night, the stormy night
She'd close her eyes
In the night, the stormy night
Away she'd fly
And dream of para-para-paradise
She dreamed of para-para-paradise
La la la-la la-la
La la la-la la-la
La la la-la la-la
La la la
Still lying… 

End of April's first week, day off 4/7


"When the WTO was formed there was a lot of buzz about trade liberalization and how the policies of ‘globalization’ would (a) lift the standards of the quality of life of the impoverished billions in the world, (b) lead to full employment, (c) lead to the growth of real income and effective demand and (d) lead to the expansion of production, of trade in, goods and services. The opposite has been true, and Thomas Piketty, in his book Capital in the Twenty-first Century, brought the figures to show how the world had become even more unequal since the era of economic globalization. However, since the formation of the WTO, the political and economic balance in the world has changed. The role of the Global South in global trade and increased South-South trade led by nations such as China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil reflects the more prominent role of developing nations in the world economy." Horace Campbell

"HUDSON: You had the great Roman historians, Livy and Plutarch – they blamed the decline of the Roman empire on the creditor class being predatory, and the latifundia. The creditors took all money, and would just buy more and more land, displacing the other people. The result in Rome was a Dark Age, and that can last a very long time. The Dark Age is what happens when the rentiers take over.

"If you look back in the 1930s, Leon Trotsky said that fascism was the inability of the socialist parties to come forth with an alternative. If the socialist parties and media don’t come forth with an alternative to this neofeudalism, you’re going to have a rollback to feudalism. But instead of the military taking over the land, as occurred with the Norman conquest, you take over the land financially. Finance has become the new mode of warfare. Not militarily – except in Europe, of course – but simply financially. You can achieve the takeover of land and the takeover of companies by corporate raids.

"The Wall Street vocabulary is one of conquest and wiping out. You’re having a replay in the financial sphere of what feudalism was in the military sphere." Michael Hudson


Hudson & Black on Krugman

Utopia, Pilger  

nescience, Aurobindo






Curso Navacacion

Sleep Learning Spanish

everyday people



woman, lifting one finger then the other

closer look, lifting one finger then the other

closer look, not lifting one finger then the other

c movie

Spanda Journal

<blockquote>  </blockquote>

girard related

girard related 

Rohr, Sounds True

Prashad, foreign policy


3/15/16, 1:30 PM Eastern  Russian air strikes to continue. Good map.

Feb '16

Dec '15, Why $yria Is Crucial for the Energy Future of theMideast


Sep '15

Mar '16

circular flow diagrams, overall search

energy waste

simple circular flow


epic roundtable prouty

Oct Gabbard



bitter blue

sounds true



war on Iran 

hudson, primitive accumulation

23 min hudson 3cr

private debt

Asian interdevelopment bank

piketty warren

blocked Rohr (NZ) is back!

NZ session 4 2009

session 8 NZ great suffering? etc?

NZ session 3

me gusta tu

"GALBRAITH: Well, again, what he [dude who ran scenario favorable to Sanders' answers] was doing was running a program of a certain scale, of a large scale, through a set of standard macroeconomic assumptions. And that, again, is a reasonable exercise. If you ask me what my personal view is, I've written a whole book called The End of Normal in which I lay out reasons for my chronic pessimism about the capacity of the world economy to absorb a great deal more rapid economic growth.


Noosa '15


Talk about an "existential" concept, just stop and think about what in one's current precious existence goes out the window in passing to one's next incarnation...under Tibetan Buddhism. Yep, that river of forgetfullness erases plenty.  In Tibetan Buddhism and in the historical "Yogachara" school of Buddhism (both endorsing perspectives close to Edgar Cayce type notions of the soul) at least something is retained. But then when you get into branches of Buddhism that endorse Anatta in regard to souls...well, it's sort of Whiteheadian if I have my concepts right. Under these, what is "you" in your present life later on gets sliced and diced like groups of mortgages in a credit default obligation.

Mega millions

A statement that's significant in terms of what I've found in a few sources is to be found at Wikipedia's "Brahman" article...under it's sub-heading down the page "Dvaita." Dvaita's postulate of souls being real is distinct somewhat from "non-dualism" as described in most places I've come across. But I've come across "qualified non-dualism" as postulating souls being real also (I think most sources classify Dvaita as "qualified non-dualism").

"Brahman of Dvaita is a concept similar to God in major world religions.[15] Dvaita holds that the individual soul is dependent on God, but distinct.[15]"

This is a significant contention of many religious views. The word "dependent" of course has different meanings for different folks. With St Paul, if we have our being *in God...that could be viewed like mitochondria in a cell. But if I were to say, "Yes, we do live and move and have our being in God" I personally would nevertheless find it hard to come up with anything analogous because *it is spirit. I could perhaps say a diatom lives *in water, and it also needs sunlight. With have the living-in, the moving-in, and also something "external." Add more roots or anchors or enclosures or dimensions or auras, and it seems to me you could get closer to the way I view it. Enveloping everything is the *elan vital you could say. Fundamentally, though, our minds don't have the concepts to describe how exactly we exist "in" God. There may be the "seed" of God in all of us. There may be the "inner light" in all of us. And the light and the seed (if we are open to it at a particular moment) may take us a long way into God's peace and God's own experience. A long way. But my view is that it doesn't take us (our souls) *all the way.

things erased left and right on rene girard page, saving these

According to my First Things link (it's definition), I'm having difficulty seeing how "undifferentiation" can be forced. Perhaps someone can help. I do think the blanket scapegoating of Muslims isn't appropriate (and France's appears less extreme than our popular version).

Girard to me made the most persuasive case for more democracy. But before we get to the stage "true democracy," IMO we must realize we are all not little kings and queens. Whatever our stand on whatever matter has only an infintisimal impact on anything. And therefore when we wish to make a statement, to be realistic about what CAN be accomplished (what is able to be accomplished)...we may often be constrained to choose an issue regarding which there is some reasonable expectation of significant solidarity. No, this is not a utopian outlook. It acknowledges: yes, I can speak truth to power; but it also acknowledges that my voice alone will mean far less than if WE speak truth to power. That may mean as time goes on that, as a situation of no-consensus on abortion continues, there may arise willy nilly a majority which comes to view the havoc of a war like the Vietnam War as simply causing more problems than it solves.

How much had Girard read? Could it be he had actually read more literature than almost any then-living person? Why not? For out of all the items he read he distilled the repetitive cycle we all now see ourselves, and few had come anywhere close to extracting this/the literary society itself. So too, it is up to us not to be "ideological," but to be as careful ourselves with accounts of modern history as we can. As thorough as we can. But then, even so...this is not ALL of our life, our lives. Speaking out as a citizen of a nation is just one dimension of "stewardship." IMO it's a plausible injunction (Berdyaev's) to speak out less to attain political goals than simply to strengthen our own faith.

On the advice of                  I'll post an "original" thought today. I don't know yet if any one of these essays puts forward what I've been thinking may be a way Whitehead was tempted to look at the issue; and I don't even know if this notion of mine is anywhere close to how Whitehead eventually ended up answsering the question. Or if any soul on the planet ever put Whitehead's ideas together with the Gospels in this way at all. Seems I'm asking myself: Given Christ's message was valid, what if Whitehead's was valid too, AND...there is no reincarnation??

"Life After Death in Whitehead's Metaphysics"

Some intros to Whitehead I'm sorry to say don't make me feel I'm any closer to his basic ideas. This one approaches them from somewhat of a tangent, but nevertheless seems to carry me closer (by page 5 and definitely 6, though, it starts to get tough).

I take it the author is David Roy. Roy describes the "actual occasion" of a psyche [or "soul" as I trust the author interprets ANW correctly] as having two poles, somatic (physical) and mental.
This source, though, and others like it might cause me to wonder if there are others.

General approach to Alfred North Whitehead (good luck!)

{Currents.3450.1000} {Currents.3450.993} {Currents.3450.992} {Currents.3450.974}

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