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This blog is a ramshackle thing. Basically for years it was just my notes in "the cloud." Didn't even know how to open up public comment! I tried to begin it with an intro to overarching frames to which I sort of subscribe...ones that "march to a different drum" for sure. In the beginning of my days I was plugged into mainstream mindsets (with extra love received), and now it seems from some kind of middle excursion I can return and  at least appreciate certain streams amidst rituals of the ten-thousand-things-watershed. One makes it through, and other stones do polish one back somewhat to "everyday consciousness"...polishing one into a smoother pebble...or plopping one in the ferryman or cab driver role. Getting closer to one's "original face" (all in all a curriculum it seems planned to provide lots of opportunity). Anyway, by now there are some  general views (or one or two very focused quotes which for me have very general importance) that remain at the tail "end" of all these "posts" if one thinks of this one as the "beginning"...though I keep trying to transfer key ones to the "top." I don't really know how yet to create an intro message that will stay at the top. So, some "general" things important to me may still be remaining at the "beginning" when you read this.

I am satisfied to start off  referencing a John Heider interview. Heider had involvement with the 12 Step domain. Sorry the link at the end of this post only streams an excerpt of an interview. Heider mentions the "Higher Self" somewhere in the full interview.

In her 70s and 80s my mother liked to plug the feminine side of God. It was a real insight she had. Granted, aspects of this viewpoint remain hard to grasp at times for others of us who got pretty much the same religious training she had. But now in my 60s I see it too. Proceeding from this view of hers, and, according to what John Heider's breakdowns of "Tao Te Ching"means to me --------> Feminine and masculine...yin and yang...came out of the Great Spirit, so it follows they were part of the Great Spirit to begin with.

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C. Michael Smith quote unrelated and here temporarily--> "Jung saw the libido as more than sexual energy, but a creative power which can spawn and engender the full flowering of life into its irreplaceably unique wholeness. He mentioned the creative instinct as a <i>sui generis</i>, fundamental reality, irreducible to anything else (including sex but is expressive in sex) 


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